Meet the needs of your mature skin

Mature skin needs a great deal of care. It usually needs more moisture and richness. This is why NIVEA offers a special skin care range called VITAL. Mature skin is characterised by the following features:
- Skin is mostly dry, because it cannot store moisture so well any more
- Mature skin loses volume, looks loose and less toned
- wrinkles form increasingly around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

In addition to this, irregular pigmentation – called age spots – often occurs. These appear mostly on the face and hands. Used regularly in the morning and evening after cleansing, NIVEA SOJA Anti-Age concentrate alleviates pigmentation. On darker spots, apply the concentrate directly to the affected area before using NIVEA VITAL day or night cream as usual. Please note that this product should not be used on injured skin.

This is how to strengthen the skin’s barrier

In mature skin, the skin's barrier is increasingly lacking in fat and moisture. There are a number of substances that can specifically support and protect mature skin. Many of these ingredients can be found in the NIVEA VITAL range, which is formulated specifically for mature skin. The use of high quality oils ensures proper skin care. For the particularly delicate eye area, apply NIVEA VITAL Anti-Age Eye Care before your day or night cream. This softens lines and wrinkles and makes the skin noticeably firmer. In addition, this skin care product reduces dark circles and puffiness. Your face will look brighter and fresher.

Cleanse mature skin properly

Care alone is not enough for mature skin; proper cleansing also contributes to healthy looking skin. A gentle cleanser that moisturises and hydrates the skin is preferable to cleaning with water. It is best not to make use of brush massages and lotions containing alcohol. With the products from the VITAL range, NIVEA offers you skin care and cleansing products for mature skin that complement each other.