Skin Breathe

Professional Removal, Gentle Face Care

For gentle and effective makeup removal that’s been tried, tested and adored by professional make-up artists, the MicellAIR® SKIN BREATHE PROFESSIONAL range is the perfect companion for makeup lovers everywhere.

The combination of MicellAIR® Complex with Dry Oil and Black Tea extract works like a magnet to efficiently lift long-lasting and waterproof makeup from your face and eyes without leaving greasy product residue behind. Skin is left looking beautifully clean and healthy and, because there’s no rinsing or rubbing necessary, delicate areas and lashes stay protected.

So whether you’re experimenting with looks at home, want to transform yourself on the go or simply take off the day, NIVEA MicellAIR® SKIN BREATHE PROFESSIONAL range can remove even the most stubborn makeup in just a few simple swipes. 

The Science behind MicellAIR®


Removing makeup usually requires several cleansing steps, more often than not, the results are dissatisfying. MicellAIRⓇ technology is the easy and gentle way to take off makeup – no rinsing or rubbing required. 


Micelles are microscopically small molecules that can effectively remove the tiniest particles of dirt – like dust, oil and makeup – even from the most delicate areas.


Micelles are both 'water-loving' (hydrophilic) and 'fat-loving' (lipophilic) and can remove both water-soluble and fat-soluble particles. They work like a magnet to envelop lipophilic dirt particles and lift them easily, without irritating the skin.