NIVEA MEN Sensitive

NIVEA MEN Sensitive ranges combines a unique formula containing Vitamin E; natural Chamomile and Witch Hazel to sooth and protect sensitive skin. With 0% ethyl alcohol this product range will leave sensitive skin feeling great after a shave or a night on the town.

Sensitive skin products for everyone 

 Developed by NIVEA’s team of skincare experts - whether you're looking for a Sensitive Post Shave Balm and Sensitive Moisturiser to add to your skin care collection or a Sensitive Deodorant, NIVEA MEN's sensitive skin has you covered. 

Suited for shaving sensitive skin 

 When it comes to shaving sensitive skin can put a man off, fortunately our Sensitive Shaving Gel is fragrance neutral so as to not upset skin's natural balance and contain Chamomile and Hamamelis leaving skin healthy. 

NIVEA MEN's Sensitive range with 0% alcohol* 
Formulated with sensitive skin at the heart, NIVEA's sensitive range contains 0% alcohol* to minimise skin irritation and uses 'kind to sensitive skin' ingredients such as Vitamin E, natural Chamomile and Witch Hazel relieving skin of irritation and boosting the skin's natural protective layer 

*no Ethylalcohol