NIVEA Top Tips: How To Get Smooth Skin

Having soft, smooth and glowing skin can make you feel amazing. Read on to discover our skin routines, habits and products that help you achieve smooth skin, and how to avoid a dull, lifeless one, with NIVEA’s top tips.


Remember to hydrate and exfoliate


The easiest way to try and help the health of your skin. Radiant and smooth skin tends to be well hydrated skin, skin that is dehydrated lacks moisture and can appear washed out. Make sure you drink an adequate amount of water to achieve soft and smooth skin and to improve your skin health in general.

Your skin is an organ with millions of cells - these calls are made up of mostly water, without which the skin can't function at it's optimum. Ensure your skin remains hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Exfoliate for smoother, blemish free skin

If you're wondering how to get smooth skin gently exfoliating your skin is a great way to start but scrubbing your skin too vigorously can cause excess oil production. In turn, this might lead to breakouts - the opposite of smooth skin!

For this reason, choosing a very gentle exfoliating scrub is a good option - read our how to exfoliate guide for more tips. The scrub should be enough to remove the dead skin cells but keep it from being irritated. Using an exfoliating mitt can also be beneficial to buff away the dirt, dead skin cells and debris of a normal day and keep dry patches at bay to keep your skin smooth.

NIVEA Body Mousse

A smooth face might be your immediate concern and you might reach for the face cream you also need to pay attention to the rest of your body! Some areas of your body, especially the knees and elbows, can be particularly prone to dryness. For soft, smooth skin on these parts, why not try a body mousse? The weightless mousse texture instantly and deeply hydrates the skin, making it noticeable smoother.

The fast absorbing formula means no sticky feel as it melts quickly into the skin. Apply to damp skin after a shower to stay smooth and lock in moisture - and when you're in the shower try NIVEA's in shower moisturiser.

Try exercise for a smooth complexion

Getting enough exercise in the fresh air will stimulate your circulation and get the blood flowing to your skin resulting in a rosy, flesh and smooth complexion. Indeed, exercise can improve the nutrient supply to the skin considerably. Not only this, it will reduce stress and strengthen your immune system.

Make sure to wash your face and body properly post-exercise though.

Softer skin needs lukewarm water

When it comes to washing your face, opt for lukewarm water.
If you wash your face in the bath or shower, and the temperature of your water is too hot, this might remove moisture from your skin and result in a less than smooth complexion.

Try to limit yourself to a quick wash as the longer you expose yourself to hot water the more potential there is for skin irritation.


Having soft, smooth and glowing skin can make you feel amazing.

Wash your makeup brushes

Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly? Remember, your blusher brushes and foundation sponges can spread bacteria to your face if you fail to wash them regularly or replace them often.

Don’t forget your hands

  • Our hands touch everything - we can transfer that dirt from our hands to our faces
  • This can stop us from getting the smooth skin we desire leaving us with spotty or blemished skin
  • Avoid touching your face and make sure to use a caring hand cream or soap
  • Hands are delicate and can be easily forgotten when it comes to smooth skin care
  • Why not leave a smooth hand cream by your bedside table and apply it at night?

How to get smooth skin? Better sleep!

Sleeping the recommended 8 hours will help you avoid eye wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes, but it also helps rejuvenate your skin from the rigours of the day.

Using an overnight sleep cream can de-stress and rejuvenate your skin after a long day. Wake up with well-rested, smooth skin when you use Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Sleep Cream. It contains two powerful antioxidants, Q10 and pure Vitamin C. For best results, combine this sleep cream with Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle+ Energy Day and Eye Cream.

Lips and Face

Smooth skin on your lips

Read our chapped lips guide for more extensive tips on helping prevent dry, cracked lips but for smoother skin on your lips make sure to use NIVEA Lip Care products. Another helpful tip can be to use warm water and a toothbrush to remove dead skin.

Moisturise the face

Whether you have an oily face or a dry face make sure to moisturise! Finding the right moisturiser for your skin type (find out your skin type in our what is your skin type guide) is key. Moisturising makes sure skin on your face has enough moisture to function healthily helping create softer skin