Casual Yet Chic: Easy Hairstyles For Everyday

We will show you how to conjure up simple yet sophisticated everyday hairstyles in just a few easy steps.

Favourite casual looks – simple styling tips

Perfectly styled for every moment

Overslept, not made the children’s sandwiches yet or dozed in the bath for too long? If you’ve got to get a move on, easy hairstyles are essential for looking good. You can master pretty hairdos in just a few steps – so that you make a positive impression, even in your everyday life.

Some hairstyles that look complicated can be easily mastered with a few tricks. If tomorrow is going to be stressful, plan in advance: The night before, massage a bit of styling mousse, NIVEA Diamond Gloss Styling Mousse, for instance, into freshly washed hair and create small plaits. The next morning, shake them loose and you’ve got a simple hairstyle of pretty waves.

Bohemian braid: hairstyle instructions

The perfect brush for your look

Choosing the right brush is the be all and end all of good hairstyles and the basis for easy hairstyles.
Very important: Brushes with bristles should only be used on dry hair. They are particularly suitable for long hair. Models with natural bristles are also very suitable as they are gentle on the scalp and the hair. These are best for styling classic long hair styles.

In contrast, circular brushes are used to style voluminous, easy hairstyles. Their shape allows you to wind the entire section of hair around the brush to achieve maximum volume. Circular brushes are also used to blow-dry curly hair into sweeping waves.

Paddle brushes, on the other hand, are used when blow-drying hair to make it smooth quickly. Even frizzy hair can be tamed easily with this type of brush.
Brushes are available in different sizes for different lengths of hair. Because of the gaps between the bristles, the hair does not get entangled in them. Brushes with holes – also known as vent brushes – were frequently used in the 1970s to achieve a naturally dried style.
The reason: the brush has large holes through which the hair dryer’s warm air can flow.

Right hair dryer – right look

A professional and well-performing hair dryer is an essential item of equipment even when styling easy hairstyles. Our tip: when drying your hair, concentrate on building up as much volume as possible on the crown of your head. But do not heat your hair too much when doing this.

Care products such as NIVEA Color Care & Protect Styling Mousse can help to protect your hair from too much heat when blow-drying. Every good hair dryer has a cool setting. The last bit of warmth is removed by the cool air and helps to finish off the style. Then just fix the style in place with NIVEA Diamond Gloss Styling Spray and you’ve finished!

Straight, sleek: hairstyle instructions