The Secret Of My Taut Skin? Skin Firming Cream With Q10!

Young and taut skin – who wouldn’t want it? Over time, our skin loses its elasticity. With Q10 care products, your skin will keep its youthful appearance and a radiant complexion. Our Q10 range is quite simply the best skin firming cream for body and face.

Inspired by your skin

Q10 is a natural component of our cells and protects the skin. It is formed by the cells themselves or absorbed with our food. In addition, you can support your skin with the right anti-ageing care products.

Care products with the skin’s own Q10: The foundation for firm skin

The coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance, which is produced by our bodies. Q10 is responsible for the metabolism of all the cells in our body and supplies our skin cells with energy. 
Q10 serves as our body’s own radical scavenger. It neutralises the aggressive oxygen compounds that attack our connective tissue and make our skin slacken more quickly.
Nutrition for the skin
Q10 is contained in many foods: for example, foods such as meat, (beef, poultry), sea fish (especially in sardines), eggs, vegetable oil, nuts, almonds, soya, potatoes, green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, and pulses, are especially rich in Q10. 
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What causes a deficiency of the body’s own Q10?

Physical exertion, illness, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle can cause the body to consume more nutrients in order to repair itself, meaning it has a greater need for Q10. This can have effects on our skin. It loses firmness and elasticity, as the body always distributes the coenzyme wherever it is needed most. As we get older, the production of Q10 also starts to lessen – that’s why we need to consciously supply our bodies with Q10. We can do this with our diet or with specific nutritional supplements.
The energy formula for firmer skin
NIVEA has enriched its firm-skin formula with a new combination of ingredients: the formula contains the special “energy complex” with the coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine and creatine to ensure an even better effect at cellular level. 
The coenzyme Q10 produces the body’s natural “fuel” and is essential for energy production at cellular level. The skin requires L-carnitine to produce metabolic energy. It transports the lipids to the cells’ powerhouse, known as mitochondria, where they are transformed into energy. Creatine, on the other hand, works like a battery, storing and emitting the generated energy in the cells. 
The result: The energy in the skin cells can be increased and influences the regeneration, repair and division of cells. Combined with the right care, the skin will feel firmer, tauter and softer. 

Get active for firm, fresh and tauter skin

Our skin ages more quickly or slowly depending on how healthily we live. Give your daily skincare routine an extra boost by getting active yourself. With the right diet, plenty of exercise and a good night’s sleep, you can help your skin look younger for longer.

Do yourself and your skin a favour

Exercise tautens the skin

Get plenty of exercise – preferably in the fresh air. The tissue is supplied with more blood, and that can be seen in your skin

Do yourself and your skin a favour

Eat a healthy diet

Vitamins and minerals are important for the skin: your diet needs to include fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and pulses on a regular basis.

Do yourself and your skin a favour

Get plenty of sleep for fresher skin cells

Beauty sleep is something that really does exist. When we sleep, our body starts its regeneration programme. Get 7–8 hours’ sleep a night and you’ll be rewarded with rested and healthy skin.