Keeping Tidy Down There

We live in a crazy world. Bushy beards up top are more popular than ever before, whilst uncontrolled growth down there is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We reveal how to successfully shave your genital zone with preparation tips, practical advice and an overview of the most common methods.

Everything you need to know about intimate shaving

Don’t skimp on the preparation

If you’re confident sweeping the blade across your face, shaving your genital area isn’t much more difficult. Here are a few tips before getting started. Firstly, heat up the bathroom. Goosebumps create tiny mounds on the skin, making it easy to cut yourself. Secondly, give your groin area a good wash beforehand to stop any germs entering the skin as you shave. Thirdly, we recommend a wet shave for perfect results. It is more thorough than shaving dry, and we men don’t like to do things by halves. Bacteria can irritate the skin, so make sure they don’t stand a chance by using a clean or brand new blade. If you still want to brave a dry shave, you’ll find our tips at the bottom of this page.

Three steps to taming the fuzz

Step I: Trim

It’s essential to trim before shaving. Otherwise longer hairs tend to get caught up in the razor and you’re more likely to hurt yourself. Simply pull the skin taut and use the trimmer at a 45 degree angle to cut down the pubic hair to just a few millimetres. It’s as easy as that!

Step II: The wet shave

Time to tackle the stubble! Apply shaving gel to the trimmed pubic hair to create a light film over it. Then use your fingers to pull the skin taut and pull the razor over the skin in the direction of hair growth. Take it easy and don’t press down too hard. Then rinse off the gel residue. We recommend NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Gel for optimum shaving results with no irritation.

Step III: After shave

You wouldn’t skip the aftercare after shaving your face, so make sure you include it after intimate shaving. An after shave lotion protects against unpleasant redness and itchiness. We recommend NIVEA MEN Body After Shave Lotion. 

Final steps

Taking the plunge with intimate dry shaving

Dry shaving the genital area is challenging, but not impossible. Proceed with care, because some models of electric dry razors have a trimmer integrated between the foils of the shaving head. Never use this kind of razor for shaving the groin area, as the skin down there has creases that the face does not. If one of these creases were to get caught in the trimmer, it could be extremely painful and even bleed. So after trimming your pubic hair down to just a few millimetres, take your electric dry razor and shave around the groin in small, circular motions. Afterwards we recommend you use NIVEA MEN Body After Shave Lotion to relieve any redness and itchiness.

Intimate hair removal methods to make you quiver

Wet and dry shaving aren’t the only ways to rid yourself of unwanted hair down there. Rather than recommending another method, here is an overview of the different options:

Brazilian waxing: Involves applying warm wax to the hair and – once it has cooled down – quickly tearing it off against the direction of growth. This one’s not for the faint hearted!

Epilating: The hairs along with their roots are torn out millimetre by millimetre. Ouch!

Sugaring: Despite sounding sweet, this method is exactly the same as waxing, but using a sugar paste to cling on better to the hairs. No pain no gain… but we’ll pass on this one.

Hair-removal creams: Applying chemicals to the genital area, which may lead to rashes and skin irritation, certainly won’t appeal to everyone.