Full Fuzz Or Preened To Perfection?

Hairless, trimmed or au naturel? The jury’s out! While younger men tend to reach for the razor, over 30s prefer to embrace the fuzz. But there is no right or wrong! We reveal the reasons for removing hair and the history behind this trend.


Long gone are the days when only women shaved their legs. Nowadays, it’s normal for men to take the razor to their legs or armpits, as well as their chin, chest and genital area. But why are men choosing to go bare in more places than ever before? There are lots of reasons. Some feel being hairless is cleaner, more hygienic and smells fresher. Others may have heard that women prefer men trimmed or shaven. Or maybe they just want to keep pace with the times with a shaven body.

There is no denying that male body shaving is on trend right now, but that doesn’t mean it is right for everybody. Whether you prefer to be au naturel or preened to perfection, what counts more than anything else is that the way you groom your body makes you feel good about yourself. Not sure how much body hair to get rid of? Take a cautious approach, trimming the fuzz bit by bit until it’s at a length you’re comfortable with. You can still remove it all completely if you change your mind.


You’ll find them plastered all over fashion magazines, TV and adverts – there is no denying that shaven male bodies are highly desirable. But male hair removal is nothing new. In fact, it’s been going on since the Stone Age. The Pharaonic Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans were all fans as well. There have been many periods over the years during which hairless men were considered the ideal of beauty. But thankfully the hair removal methods have changed from what was once a painful and barbaric process. Back then the hairs were scraped, burned, scratched or ripped from the body using animal teeth, torches, pumice or hot wax. Perhaps that explains why the men of the wild 70s and vibrant 80s proudly sported thick fuzz on their heads and chests. Before the trend resumed once again.

The fashion-conscious young men of today tend to go for an interesting combination: a thick hipster beard up top with little to no body hair from the chin downwards. And this trend doesn’t look to be fading any time soon. This could be because modern hair removal methods are gentler and easier than ever before. But as with all trends, they come and go in waves.

Ultimately, whether or not you shave your body is up to you. All that counts is that you feel comfortable in your own skin and use reliable shaving and care products to avoid irritation. We recommend the NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Range.