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Beauty facts and myths: discover the truth!

Time to do away with outdated myths!

Tips from your grandma or mother are often good and true. But some of them are just fairy tales. We get to the bottom of twenty beauty myths and update you on current scientific knowledge.

About genuine mistakes and false beliefs

What is a myth?

The term comes from Greek and means a misconception that many people cling to without verifying it, even though it has long since lost its connection to current scientific knowledge. Why do myths stay so persistently in our consciousness? One reason is that we learned them as children and have never forgotten them. And so, we have been repeating certain things in our daily bathroom routine ever since then – simply because we believe them to be true and are used to doing them. Let’s put beliefs about skin care and hair care to the test and reveal some hair-raising mistakes and naked truths. Get those beauty myths out of your head!

Beauty myths about the face

Who really thought that toothpaste could help against spots? Some beliefs come about by accident and last for generations. We have collected a few myths about facial care and expose the truth behind many a misconception.

Beliefs about the body

We take a closer look at a few beauty myths – from head to toe. Does sweating make you slim? Just a rumour. Should you drink water long after you are thirsty? Whatever the truth may be – accept it.

Everyday beliefs

We expose some other curious beauty myths!

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