NIVEA MEN Sensitive Pro Hemp Seed Oil Bundle

1 pc


Easy application
Vitamin E
Sensitive skin
  • Sensitive Pro Face Moisturiser 75ml
  • Sensitive Pro Facial Balm 150ml
  • Sensitive Pro Shaving Cream 200ml
  • 100% plant based hemp seed oil + Vitamin E
  • Vegan formula
  • Not a giftset

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The NIVEA MEN Sensitive Pro Bundle utilises hemp seed oil and vitamin E to reduce dryness and irritation for up to 24H. The ultra-calming ingredients soothe your skin to minimise skin stress and it's effects - the perfect bundle for rejuvenated skin. It contains the NIVEA MEN Sensitive Pro Ultra-Calming Moisturiser for beard-friendly care, NIVEA MEN Sensitive Pro Ultra-Calming Facial Balm to minimise stress lines and NIVEA MEN Sensitive Pro Ultra-Calming Shaving Cream to protect your skin from shaving irritations.


Check ingredients for any sensitivities. Take care to avoid eye area.

Item Number 897070002303 (89707-00023-03)

Special Ingredients

Vitamin E

Vitamin E