NIVEA Hand Care Regime Bundle

1 pc


All skin types
  • NIVEA Hand Cleansing Sanitiser Spray
  • NIVEA 3 in 1 Repair Care Hand Cream
  • NIVEA Creme Soft Liquid Handwash
  • Not a giftset

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Give your hands the best care with the NIVEA Hand Regime bundle. If you're out and about, you can keep your hands clean with our 70% ethanol antibacterial cleansing hand sanitiser spray, enriched with Glycerin to hydrate and retain moisture. Follow it up with our deeply nourishing 3 in 1 repair care hand cream - it's concentrated formula with Provitamin B instantly relieves the feeling of very dry skin and tightness. When you get home you can thoroughly wash your hands with our liquid handwash, providing you with rich moisture and provitamins and oils to care for your hands to leave them feeling soft. The NIVEA hand regime bundle is perfect for keeping hands feeling clean and germ free while maintaining care and moisture.

Item Number 897070000503 (89707-00005-03)