NIVEA Fragrance Eau de Toilette

30 ml


All hair types
All skin types
  • Eau de Toilette for women with the unique fragrance of NIVEA Creme
  • Unmistakable freshness with vibrant citrus notes and previous lavender
  • Precious rose essence and springlike floral notes make this an elegant scent
  • Enveloping wood and musk notes for a feeling of care and security as with NIVEA cream

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Everyone knows it - this incomparable care fragrance from NIVEA. A fragrance that carries two secrets: its precious ingredients and the positive feeling of love, care and security. The iconic scent of the classic white NIVEA cream is now available as an eau de toilette for spraying. The NIVEA Eau de toilette is inspired by the typical NIVEA cream fragrance. Even if the exact NIVEA Eau de toilette formula of course remains a secret, some fragrances are distinctive. Lively citrus notes as well as precious lavender give the NIVEA fragrance its unmistakable freshness and valuable rose essences as well as spring-like flower accords give it class. Encased wood and musk notes provide the typical feeling of care and security.

Item Number 80199 (80199-01020-19)

How to


Enjoy the unique NIVEA Creme fragrance by pressing down on the top of the bottle