NIVEA Crème Original Fragrance Bundle Set


  • NIVEA Crème Eau De Toilette (30ml)
  • NIVEA Crème Pot (200ml)
  • NIVEA Intensive Moisture Hand Cream (100ml
  • NIVEA Crème Care Shower Cream (500ml)
  • NIVEA Original Care Caring Lip Balm (5.5ml)
  • Not a giftset

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Enjoy the iconic, comforting, and fresh scent of NIVEA in every part of your day with the NIVEA Crème Original Bundle Set. It's a scent that people have been enjoying for over a hundred years. Use the caring NIVEA Crème Care Shower Cream first thing in the morning to start your day in the best way or at the end of a long one to relax and unwind. Enjoy the NIVEA Crème fragrance throughout with the unmistakable and long-lasting NIVEA scent in the form of a neatly packaged Eau de Toilette fragrance. You can then moisturise your body from top to bottom with the NIVEA Crème Pot and NIVEA Intensive Hand Cream to keep your body and hands feeling cared for, and the NIVEA Original Lip Balm tucks neatly into any handbag for hydrated and soothed lips all day long.

Item Number 897070000803 (89707-00008-03)