Live your city life to the fullest with the NIVEA Urban Skincare range. The range provides expertly formulated detox skincare for the city dwellers, in order to cleanse, refresh and revitalise skin from the trials of city life.
Detox Skincare to Revitalise from Urban Living

NIVEA Urban Skin is a must-have for city dwellers, providing detox skincare so skin feels as alive and charming as the city. With busy social lives and exciting must-dos in city life, NIVEA Urban Skin is designed to help your skin keep up, removing any effects from pollution or city challenges. NIVEA Urban Skin provides deep cleansing for the face, removing impurities and dead skin cells. NIVEA Urban ensures there is a product for everyone, providing around the clock face care such as skin detox, skin purification and lasting hydration. Skin is left feeling youthful and with a radiant glow.

Deeply Exfoliate, Cleanse and Hydrate the Skin

For that even deeper clean with a quick 1 minute self-pampering session, discover our range of face masks. With one to purify skin, one to refine pores and another to deeply moisturise, all your skincare needs will be satisfied, leaving skin truly revitalised from city living. Supercharge skin with our Urban Skin face and night creams, and providing a lasting detox and defence for a radiant looking skin.