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Caring for mature skin

Maintain your youthful appearance

Our skin alters as we age. It has more demands and needs your full attention. By looking after it properly you can considerably reduce the first signs of ageing such as laughter lines and wrinkles.

Mature skin: the first signs

Beautiful skin and a youthful appearance – who wouldn’t want that? But as time passes, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. To keep your mature skin radiantly beautiful, prevent the signs of ageing skin with special anti-ageing cream.

Protect your skin from the sun’s rays!

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Damaging UV rays are one of the main causes of developing wrinkles or pigmentation spots in mature skin. This is why you should always use a face cream with a sun protection factor. Find out more about protection from the sun here.

How does mature skin develop?

  • From our twenties, our skin slowly begins to lose its moisture.
  • By the time we’re 30, the skin forms fewer lipids – fine lines and the first wrinkles on the forehead are visible.
  • From the age of 40, our skin starts to become thinner and lose its firmness and elasticity. The first signs of mature skin are visible around the eyes and mouth. As we age, the cell activity in our bodies decreases and our skin regenerates more slowly.
  • Due to the loss of the skin’s own collagen, the volume of mature skin reduces visibly after the age of 50.
  • By the age of 60, the skin loses density and thickness. Also, age-related pigmentation spots start appearing.

Mature skin – making yourself look beautiful!

Our skin changes as we age. We cannot stop this process, of course, but we can combat it with the right care. Mature skin is particularly demanding and has special care needs. NIVEA has developed a range of anti-ageing products to help you maintain a youthful appearance and prevent your skin ageing prematurely. Creams with Q10 plus and highly effective creatine, for example, help to reduce fine lines. The NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age range, with its innovative formula, stimulates the skin’s own cell renewal process. NIVEA Vital Anti-Wrinkle Extra Rich Day Care, with its formula of natural argan oil and strengthening calcium, supplies intensive moisture to dry, mature skin, resulting in an immediate feeling of well-being.

Mature skin – making yourself look beautiful!

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Give your skin a new lease of life

The skin’s ageing process is very individual and is affected by internal and external factors. But in general, you can say that from the age of 25-30 you should moisturise and protect your skin with high-quality anti-ageing products.

Ingredients for mature skin

  • Creams with argan oil and calcium moisturise the skin intensively and provide a lot of extra hydration to dry, mature skin.
  • The formula with soya extract in NIVEA Vital Soya Anti-Age Day Care reduces lines and wrinkles. This gives mature skin an even-looking appearance.
  • Calcium and nutrient-rich extracts meet your mature skin’s demanding special requirements: calcium is known for its strengthening properties. Pearl extracts are rich in important minerals.
  • Burdock fruit extract supports the skin’s own collagen production. NIVEA Natural Balance Anti-Wrinkle Day Care with burdock fruit extract demonstrates visible anti-ageing results.
  • Q10 is an ingredient found in the skin, whose natural concentration decreases as you age. By using a suitable anti-ageing cream, Q10 can be fed into the skin again effectively.
  • The NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age range with hyaluronic acid and magnolia extract has been developed for the needs of mature skin. Its formula with hyaluronic acid and magnolia extract improves the skin’s own ability to absorb water and increases the cells’ ability to resist oxidative stress.

Make-up – mature skin’s little helper


Make-up helps to emphasise the beauty of mature skin. You can achieve an even-looking complexion by using a tinted day cream. Emphasise your eyes and ensure you have well cared-for lips – a tinted lip balm is ideal.

Face masks for more freshness and hydration


Everything you need for a natural beauty treatment for mature skin can be found in your own kitchen. A face wash made of almond milk reduces the initial signs of fine lines and an egg-white mask will give your skin a fresh feel.