What causes spots on the face?

Reasons for breakouts on the face

Face spots have a huge effect on self-esteem, but being aware of the root causes is essential for combating them.

What causes spots?

Discover the possible reasons for pimples on the face and how your lifestyle and cleansing routine could be affecting your skin.

The science behind spots

Most people suffer from some pimples at some stage in their life and it's extremely common among people in their teenage years. This can range from the odd monthly face spot to more serious acne.

Small hair follicles are located in the skin, each with a sebaceous gland attached to it. These glands are responsible for secreting an oil known as sebum to prevent the skin and hair from drying out. Pimples develop when the skin's sebaceous oil glands become clogged and inflamed. This tends to happen around what's known as the T-zone, which refers to the area surrounding the forehead, nose and chin. This is a key contributor to developing face spots.


Don’t let spots and acne get you down! Here are some easy ways to treat pimples and prevent them from coming back.

Don’t forget to cleanse in the morning!

Your morning cleanse is just as important as your evening cleanse. It rids the skin of any sweat, sebum and dirt particles that may have built up in the pores overnight, which could otherwise lead to pimples. Have you tried NIVEA Anti-Blemish 3-in-1 Cleanser for a refined complexion?

How to treat face spots


A good daily skin care routine is a huge part of any treatment for blemish prone skin and will help prevent any new pimples from forming. Make sure you are cleansing twice a day to rid the pores of any dirt, grime and pollution. Each of these plays a pivotal role in forming face spots, and cleansing them will help in preventing spots. If you find yourself travelling frequently, try using NIVEA Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub to deeply cleanse and refine your skin.

An antibacterial moisturiser like NIVEA Control Shine Day Care provides your skin with 24 hour moisture and simultaneously reduces shine. Additionally, the formula with magnolia extract fights blemishes and helps prevent spots.

Choose your moisturiser wisely


Don’t be afraid of using moisturiser if you have pimples. A light moisturiser like NIVEA Anti-Blemish Moisturizer will reduce shine without clogging the pores. Plus it even has a high performing formula to effectively fight existing spots and helps to prevent blemishes. 

5 tips for maintaining clear skin

  • Make sure you're drinking enough water to keep your skin hydrated,. Hydrated skin is paramount in spot prevention.
  • Try to use warm water rather than hot water for cleansing.
  • Gently pat your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing it.
  • Take some time to relax and unwind - stress might make your skin condition worse.
  • Regularly wash your pillowcases to prevent the spread of bacteria which cause face spots.

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