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Help for dark circles under the eyes

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It’s happened to all of us: after a long night, dark shadows appear under our eyes. Or are these unpleasant discolourations genetic in your case? How do dark circles under the eyes occur and what can you do about them when they are already there?

Dark circles: discovering the causes

Dark circles under the eyes are different from person to person. They often occur after a wild party because you’ve had too little sleep or enjoyed a bit too much alcohol. But there’s a whole lot of other causes for dark circles under the eyes that you should know about.

What are dark circles and why do they occur?

It’s not surprising that the eyes are the first to be affected by: the skin under the eyes is very thin, as it doesn’t have the usual layer of fatty tissue. Instead, there are lots of little blood vessels and lymph glands. If the body lacks oxygen or fluid, the blood flows more slowly and is darker in colour. Blood vessels are visible through the fine, almost transparent skin beneath the eyes. Depending on your skin type, the shadows under your eyes will either be brownish or blueish. In some families, dark circles are genetically determined: this means that particularly fine skin around the eyes has been passed on by your genes.

Dark circles

There is a reason for dark shadows

Dark shadows

Reasons for dark circles around the eyes

  • Our lifestyle is often responsible for causing dark rings around the eyes: partying through the night, a glass of wine too many or smoking will result in a lack of oxygen in the blood. 
  • If you do not eat a balanced diet, you will often suffer a lack of vitamins and minerals: if your body lacks vitamin C, iron or zinc, the first signs of the deficiency may be dark circles under your eyes. 
  • Dark circles can sometimes also have a medical cause. But don’t worry! Speak to your GP about it on your next visit. 
  • Do you suffer from hay fever and rub your eyes a lot? Frequent rubbing irritates the sensitive skin and can exacerbate dark shadows under the eyes. 
  • Spending long hours staring at a computer is a great strain on the eyes and can also be a reason that dark circles form. 
  • Underlying psychological causes? Stress at work, worry about exams or anxiety can also be reasons for dark circles under the eyes.

An extra dose of care for your eye area

If the dark circles are not caused naturally, you can prevent them with simple methods: get plenty of sleep and drink sufficient water. Home remedies and creams can also help.

The best home remedies for dark circles under the eyes

  • Tannins in black tea reduce swelling and supply the skin with anti-oxidants: place two cool tea bags on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes. 
  • Almond oil massage for better circulation: Gently massage the skin around the eyes with a few drops of oil. Always work from the inside out. 
  • Cucumbers are a tried and tested method for getting rid of dark circles, because they are full of vitamins and supply lots of moisture: place cooled slices of cucumber on your closed eyes.
  • Rapid help from the fridge: Special gel eye masks are a slightly more expensive version. These are stored in the refrigerator and help to constrict the lymph vessels and blood vessels in the eye area. 
  • Natural medicine recommends Schüssler salts to fight dark circles under the eyes, because they balance out the lack of minerals in the body.

Home-made remedies against dark circles

Special creams for dark circles under the eyes

Creams for dark circles under the eyes

Cream for dark circles

Eye creams can help remove dark circles under the eyes. These supply the skin with important ingredients that have a positive effect on the thin tissue under the eyes. For a younger look around the eyes, use NIVEA Q10 Plus ANTI-WRINKLE Eye Cream with Q10 and creatine. This formula with the skin’s own active ingredients alleviates wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Pat eye creams on gently; do not rub: using the tip of your finger, pat from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge.

Rapid response: diminish dark circles with tinted care

Make your dark circles your secret

Irrespective of whether you suffer from genetically inherited dark circles or if you have simply had too little sleep, the miracle cure for dark circles is concealer. Concealer is available in stick form or as a thin cream. It should always be a shade lighter than your natural complexion or the make-up you use. As a rule, a small quantity is sufficient to hide dark circles.  
Apply concealer either with a fine brush or with your finger tip right under the eye and smooth it in evenly. Blend carefully so that you cannot see the contrasting colours. Alternatively, you can use Cellular Perfect Skin Eye Care with tinted micro pigments, lumicinol and magnolia extract daily. It immediately corrects dark areas under the eyes and dark circles, reduces puffiness, moisturises and refreshes the eye area and even smooths laughter lines.


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