Beautiful Skin In Summer

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year for many of us. But the high temperatures and the sun are a real challenge for our skin. Find out how to properly care for and protect your skin.

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For many women, a slightly tanned complexion is an essential part of summer. To ensure your skin doesn’t get damaged, it needs attention and care. Sun protection, along with plenty of moisture and cooling, are especially important.

How to keep you skin radiantly beautiful in summer

  • Protect your skin from the sun: UV rays put major stress on your skin. That’s why you should always apply sun protection to your face and body. Find out more about choosing the right sun protection here.
  • Provide your skin with moisture: your skin loses moisture in summer due to the heat. After Sun Lotion from NIVEA will soothe your skin and replenish its moisture levels. 
  • Drink enough: during the summer you should always have a water bottle on hand. Your body loses a lot of moisture due to heavy sweating. You should drink two to three litres of water a day in summer to keep your skin supplied with plenty of moisture. 
  • Take some time to cool off! In summer, many people like to jump in an ice-cold shower to cool down. But this sudden cold shock means not enough heat escapes from the body after showering, and you’ll quickly start sweating again. It’s therefore better to take a lukewarm shower, to ensure you stay cool for longer. NIVEA In-Shower After Sun Refresh will give your body an extra kick of freshness in the shower.

Always keep some sunscreen with you!

The sun’s effect is even greater in summer – you should therefore always apply sun protection. Think about it: even if it’s cloudy, harmful UV radiation can still have an effect on your skin. Find out more about the right sun protection here.

Endless Summer

Protection and a long-lasting tan: NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze sun protection products contain liquorice root extract, which activates the skin’s own melanin production. Find tips for staying naturally tanned for longer here.

Put it in the fridge – the right way to store skin care products in summer

Our creams and lotions get a new home in summer. It’s best to store your jars and bottles in the fridge. This has a positive side effect: each time you apply them, you’ll get an extra kick of freshness and cool down your skin. 

This fridge trick is also great for your nightclothes, insoles and pumps. You can find another great summer skin booster in the fridge: vitamins. Eat plenty of fresh fruit such as melon or pineapple on hot days. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that these foods cool the body from the inside out. Their high water content also ensures that the skin is supplied with moisture.

Energy for the summer!

Make the most of summer! A quick fitness programme will not only give you energy, but also ensure beautiful, firm skin and a radiant complexion. Is the heat making you feel worn out? We’ll show you how to stay fit in spite of record temperatures.

Record temperatures? Here's how to cool off

Close the windows during the day!

Here’s how to keep your living room and bedroom cool: only open the windows in the morning and at night to let fresh air into your home – this will do you and your skin good.

Record temperatures? Here's how to cool off

Put your feet up!

Many women suffer from tired and heavy legs in summer. The heat causes the blood vessels to widen, and more water accumulates in the tissue. If you put your feet up, this allows the built-up moisture to drain off better. Tip: Roll a cold bottle up your legs from the bottom to the top.

Record temperatures? Here's how to cool off

Keep a cool head!

A cold foot bath under your desk, cold leg compresses or ice cubes on your wrists will cool down your body, keeping you fit and productive all day long.

Mini workouts for firmer skin

Firm thighs and a great bum

To get a firm bum and toned thighs, classic squats are ideal. Try to do around 20 repetitions. Note: Make sure your knees only reach as far as the tips of your toes and no further!

Mini workouts for firmer skin

No more padding on your hips and waist

Place your legs shoulder width apart and bend your upper body to the side. Repeat this 20 times a day each side and you’ll be rewarded with a slim waist and shapely hips.

Mini workouts for firmer skin

Short tops with no sleeves? Not a problem with beautiful upper arms

Dumbbells are the ideal workout partner for slim arms and firm skin. Stretch both arms above your head 25 to 30 times and then slowly let them drop again – simple, and yet so effective.