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Spring skin care tips for beautiful skin

Get a spring feeling on your skin

The first warm rays of the sun are shining gently on your face. Pale skin and listlessness are a thing of the past: wake your body up!

Tips for spring

Say farewell to dry skin – beautiful skin for the spring

As soon as the days start getting longer and spring is on the doorstep, you can put your thick tights, cardigans and gloves away. You can show your skin again and bring out the spring fashions. 
But before you get to that stage, you should first say goodbye to your dry winter skin. This is best done with a gentle scrub for your whole body, such as NIVEA Smooth Sensation Body Scrub. It removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and makes your skin look much smoother and rosier. Use a product with a cream base. This contains ultra-fine scrub granules and beneficial lipids that moisturise your skin optimally. And for your face, you can choose to use NIVEA’s Refining Peel Off Mask, which will leave your skin cleansed right down to the pores. Afterwards, you can moisturise your skin to make it silky soft with NIVEA Care, which hydrates intensively without leaving your skin feeling oily. Find out more about scrubs and why they are so good for the skin here.
Eating to make yourself beautiful for spring
If you want to have beautiful skin, you need to eat healthily. In spring we are more inclined to enjoy fresh fruit and crispy vegetables. These foods are not only healthy, they are also good for your skin: foods with vitamin A, such as carrots, broccoli and spinach stimulate cell division, promote the formation of elastin fibres and prevent dry skin. You should therefore eat three to five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This ensures that your skin is supplied with the most important nutrients and you can look forward to having soft skin again.

Leave your boots at home – and put your best foot forward!


Our feet also want to welcome the spring in ballerinas and sandals. Give them a footbath, a scrub and a pedicure to prepare them for spring. You can find out more caring for your feet here.

Fit for spring – get active!

Warmer temperatures and more light give us more incentive and make us feel more balanced. Take advantage of your renewed energy levels and get moving!

Tips for an energy-filled day – farewell to winter lethargy!

Our bodies experience a slump around three times a day. Don’t give tiredness a chance: 
  • Early morning exercise: plan to exercise a little after getting up. When the carbohydrate stores in the body are still empty, fat burning starts faster and you can start the day feeling energised. 
  • First low point around 9 a.m.: Treat yourself to a coffee. The caffeine will perk you up again in no time. Chewing gum can also increase your ability to concentrate. 
  • Do you sit at your desk a lot at work? Stand up at least once an hour and run round the room – this will stop you feeling tired so quickly. 
  • Low point number two at 3 p.m.: Now your body needs more energy. Choose a salad, vegetables or a light soup – greasy foods make you more sluggish. 
  • The last low point at 5 p.m.: What you need now is a bit of fresh air. A walk will do you good after work. Or instead of taking the car, cycle home – that will liven you up. 
  • And then you’ll have some energy for more exercise during the evening. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and some hydration for your skin, with a refreshing moisturising mask by NIVEA.

Get out into nature – mini workouts get you fit for spring!

Knee bends

If you enjoy working in the garden in spring, you can do something good for your body with a couple of effective exercises. Do some knee bends using a rake or brush as a stabiliser – you will be rewarded with firm thighs.

Enjoy the spring!

Drinking coffee

A stroll around town in pleasant weather is always fun. Wander down the shopping streets and discover the new spring fashions. Savour the spring day to the full by having a little break in a café!

Spring makes us happy – tips for your leisure time

In spring, our spirit reawakens and draws us out into nature. Plan a cycle trip on the weekend and enjoy feeling the first warm rays of the sun on your skin. 
The sun makes us happy. Do you love the colours of spring? Then grab a camera and capture the prettiest impressions and plays of light. Why not frame the best pictures and hang them in the living room?
And if you like looking through old photos: use the ideas to plan your next holiday.
Use the changes in nature to set new goals for yourself: perhaps you’re dreaming of a new home? Or you want to finally fit into your favourite old pair of jeans again? Or you want to change your job? Start now and put together a collage of pictures that will inspire you to attain your goal. Hang it up somewhere prominent so that it keeps motivating you. Write some inspiring sayings on post-its and stick them up around the whole house. We can only achieve our dreams if we define them. And spring is the best time to do this!

Spring skin care tips to get you ready for the new season

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